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Business Coaching & Financial Services at Fresh Eyes Financial Coaching

At Fresh Eyes Financial Coaching, we offer a comprehensive range of business coaching services that organisations, businesses and individuals alike can take advantage of. Since 2021, we have been providing financial knowledge and business insight to a range of clients to help them reach long term success. Jan Bode, the founder of Fresh Eyes Financial Coaching has over 20+ years of experience in the accounting and business industries. Our range of financial and business coaching services include budgeting, forecasting and strategic financial planning (business), cashflow management, profit optimisation, financial modelling, change management, and operations management. It is our extensive knowledge and experience that drives the service we provide our clients, helping them achieve their short and long-term financial goals.

Why Choose Fresh Eyes Financial Coaching? – Financial Coaching & Operational Accounting specialists

We like to think of ourselves as your business partner, helping you to focus on the big picture by identifying the areas that need attention and developing solutions to address them. Whilst we are all about empowering you to be an effective leader, we don't mind getting in and doing the leg work, setting up systems and procedures to help you reach your goals faster. You are always in control.


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Process Improvement

Our Business Coaching Services

Financial and Business Coaching Service

Financial Coaching is a broad term which Jan applies to both individual and business coaching services. Every person is unique and so is every business. The approach we use varies to suit the client and the business so that your business and personal finances can move from the status quo in manageable steps. At Fresh Eyes Financial Coaching, our coaching is both Business Coaching Services and Financial Coaching Services; with a strong lean onto the Financial, as without making a profit, you ultimately don’t have a business.

Profit Optimisation

Improving your ‘bottom-line’ or business profit can be a challenging exercise. Sometimes it’s hard to recognise opportunities and just like the difference of having a home handyman or a tradesman involved changes the timing and quality of your renovation; the same can be said for reviewing your finances. Sometimes the profit leakage is difficult to see when you are so close to it – and sometimes you simply don’t have time to analyse it either. These factors can mean that calling in someone who is neither biased nor emotionally involved in the business can make a big difference. 

Cashflow Management

Managing your Cashflow is perhaps the most important lesson of all in managing a business. Many good, profitable businesses fail due to poor cashflow management. Cashflow Management is always going to be a fundamental skill which takes time to hone; it can be confusing – and thus is something to learn and develop preferably early on in your business journey.

Budgeting, Forecasting & Strategic Financial Planning 


Budgeting is crucial for business success. If you don’t have a plan, how will you know whether you are needing to adjust your rates and/or can afford to employ an assistant? Good operations management includes reviewing your Budget vs Actuals regularly – just like you would for a diet; Am I on track or have I lost my way? Finances are just the same.

Sometimes the first time you do a budget, you wonder how it will be useful but after you’ve honed your skills a little bit, you’ll wonder how you ran a business without it. It can make a much bigger difference to your outcome than you remotely think!


Forecasting is the next natural step after embedding a good budget. It is a useful tool to update your anticipated profit. This can be particularly useful for sole traders relying on business profits for an income.

Strategic Financial Planning (Business)

Strategic Financial Planning in Business isn’t just for this financial year or this calendar year. Sometimes it is more about the choices you make now toward where you’d like to be in 3 or 5 years. If you don’t have a plan to get there it is very likely you won’t and therefore manageable and conscious choices will make it more likely. 

Financial Modelling

Jan Bode is an Accountant, but also a Financial Modeller. Small Business Accounting systems simply do not have Budgeting tools available that can give you the breakdown of ‘exactly’ what your business revenue & expenses are made up of. In addition, many of the other business templates available are both expensive & lacking – and thus we build bespoke Financial Models and templates to suit our customers. This skill allows much more meaningful reviews & clarity on problem solving for our clients at Fresh Eyes Financial Coaching.

Process Improvement & Streamlining

Ever had a process that was time-consuming and draining but you just can’t find a way around it?  When using the methodologies of change management, sometimes there are simple solutions that you simply cannot see. Other times you may want the process refined and documented so you can employ others to do the mundane task and get on with running your business. Our thinking is if it’s mundane, firstly do you need to do it? If you do, then either automate or outsource it. But either way, stop burning hours on something that doesn’t bring you value. Small changes; big results. 


Want to learn more about our operations management or change management services? 

Business Plans
Profit Optimisations
Cashflow Management
Budgeting, forecasting
Financial Modelling
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